Vital Records in Delaware

Vital records in Delaware are administered by the Delaware Office of Vital Statistics, although they can be requested in person from any of the three locations around the state - New Castle County, Kent County, or Sussex County. Divorce records must be requested from the county where the divorce occurred. The Delaware Public Archives houses an incomplete collection of records prior to 1913, and also contains birth records older than 72 years and marriage records older than 40 years.

Below is a table showing the year ranges that the Delaware Office of Vital Statistics can provide:

Record Type Available From
Delaware Birth Records 1938 – 2024
Delaware Death Records 1969 – 2024
Delaware Divorce Records 1935 – 2024, must be
requested from county
Delaware Marriage Records 1969 – 2024

Find County Offices in Delaware

County Date Founded
Kent County, DE 1683
New Castle County, DE 1637
Sussex County, DE 1683